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Black border around display - Dell 7548 i7 touch screen

My university has a 'virtual environment' where you can access the university desktop and programs through a personal pc. I tried using it today using the HTML5 browser client, but before it would open, I received a message saying it would need to reconfigure my display. I said ok and ran the virtual environment. After exiting the browser I noticed I now have a black border around my display screen. My resolution is set to the recommended settings (1920 x 1080), I have restored all the default display settings, rebooted the computer, and run a color text using the D and power on buttons (the black border was also present in the color test). 

I'm beginning to think I've gone crazy and the black border has been there all along... Please help me return my display to its max size.

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RE: Black border around display - Dell 7548 i7 touch screen


The Inspiron 7548 will have a small black border between the bezel and the display.  This is not a defect and the display is working as designed.

You aren't the first person that I have spoke to that didn't notice the border immediately.  I don't suggest trying any restores to correct the problem unless the border is much thicker than what is shown in the photo.


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RE: Black border around display - Dell 7548 i7 touch screen

Hi Terry,

Please let me know if this design is made available anywhere in the dell site for the customers. I don't see this mentioned anywhere in the specifications. All the pictures in the dell site looks fine and does not have this border.