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Black screen on Vostro 1520

Just inherited a hardly used vostro1520. It's running Windows Vista Home Basic.  I've just installed 2 x 2 Gb of RAM (removing the 1 Gb of RAM which came with the machine). I know I've got the correct RAM product as I ran a test to identify what I needed. I've tried several things to get the screen to move from black to life with no avail. My activities have included trying to in crease the screen brightness, pressing the D button while powering up, then pressing t he Fn key while powering up - but no change, still black. Also tried control alt delete, then delete on its own. I note that above the keyboard is an icon with a number 9 in a small box - this flashes. Any ideas on how I can bring my laptop's screen back to life I.e see my desk top rather than a black screen? Many thanks

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RE: Black screen on Vostro 1520


Here in this situation I would suggest you to try these steps and advise the result of the test ,

*Disconnect all the peripheral components from the system (including the battery ) and then try to turn on the system with only charger plugged in ,

*I would suggest you to perform the power cycle test by removing the battery and charger then keep the power button pressed for 15 - 20 seconds then connect the charger back to the system ,

*Also this is the link for the manual which has  detailed explanation with respect to the indicator lights .

Based on the corresponding error codes we can conclude the faulty component .Hoping to hear from you soon .

Have a good day !

Kindest Regards ,

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