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Blank Screen And Keyboard Not Responding Dell Studio 1555

I sat down to my laptop pushed the power button and the keyboard lit up and it began to make loading sounds but then it went quiet and nothing ever came on the screen, just blackness. I tried holding in the power button to do a hard reset but the moment I touched the power button everything shut off, this is not usual behavior. There is a disc in the DVD drive but pushing the eject button does nothing, that's when I realized the keyboard was not responding. I've done the remove the battery, remove AC plug, hold power 30 seconds, replace AC and try turning on, didn't work. I've tried removing and then replacing hard drive, didn't work. Can't use Fn hold down then push power because keyboard is not responding. I'm at a loss and mega freaking out. Please help if you can.

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RE: Blank Screen And Keyboard Not Responding Dell Studio 1555


Thanks for writing to us and for trying the troubleshooting.

Can we please try one more step 

Remove both the memory modules from the bottom and then power on the machine, observe if the system stays on. If it does, then try with one module at a time and then with both. 

Also there is another way to initiate the diagnostics

Shut down the system, remove both battery and charger. Hold down the power button and plug in charger (ensure the power button is held down while the charger is connected) after 2 secs let go the power button. Let us know if it initiates the diagnostics. 

Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message


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