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Blue Screen of Death After Launching a Certain Game (The Old Republic)

Details: Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 

Graphics: ATI Radeon 7570m/Intel HD Graphics 4000 (switchable)

Memory: 4GB

CPU: Core i5

OS: Windows 7 64bit (cleanly installed < a month ago)

According to "My Dell" hardware diagnostic report everything is functioning correctly, but after Star Wars The Old Republic updated to the latest version (2.5) last night it ran once, and ran fine, but today it crashes to the Windows blue screen every time. If it is possible for me to include the dump file for said crash on this forum I don't know how, but the pertinent parts of the error message seem to be:

Attempt to reset display driver and recover from timeout failed. 

STOP: 0x00000116


To my uneducated eyes, this looks like something to do with the display driver---particularly, the display driver for the 7570m. My driver was up-to-date before the error occurred, but just in case something was corrupted I uninstalled both the 7570m and Intel 4000 drivers, and reinstalled the driver for the 7570m from the Dell drivers page for my service tag. This, by the way, is the only driver that appears under the "video" heading, and it seems that Windows takes care of installing the Intel 4000 driver... I don't know if this is the way things are intended to work, or whether this might actually be the source of the trouble. In any case, reinstalling the drivers did not resolve the problem.

At the moment, SWTOR is the only game triggering the BSOD, but I've been told that for a BSOD to occur there must be some kind of underlying hardware/driver fault. Unfortunately, diagnosing the precise source of that fault, outside of the obvious suspects, looks like it's going to be quite the ordeal. 

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