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Blue Screen of Death, Inspiron 6000, XP Pro

I can't boot into Windows in any way, No Safe Mode or anything else. I get the blue screen with the following error message:

STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file): \SystemRoot\System32\Config\SOFTWARE or its log or alternate.It is corrupt, absent, or not writable. Beginning dump of physical memory Dumping physical memory to disk: 

I was able to run diagnostics and got the following error:

Error Code 2F00:0119 System Memory Failure

Does this mean that my RAM memory is bad?

I tried re-seating the memory modules with no improvement. All of the contacts looked clean and intact.

Would replacing the RAM memory likely solve the problem?


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Re: Blue Screen of Death, Inspiron 6000, XP Pro

One problem clearly is a failing hard drive -- the failure to load the registry key is a sure sign of a drive that has developed bad sectors. 

You may or may not have bad memory - if the diagnostic isn't being read properly because of the dying hard drive, it may produce the other error.  Try the memory modules one at a time to see what happens.

At minimum you need a new hard drive - a 2.5" 9.5 mm EIDE (NOT SATA) drive, 120G or smaller.


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