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BlueTooth Device problem

Installed a  Speaker Mojo. Blue Tooth Management says it is paired. When Mojo turned on, computer message says it is connected to the "Audio Gateway" service on your computer. However, no sound comes through the Mojo when playing music from my iTunes "my music" list. Only sound through laptop speakers. 

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RE: BlueTooth Device problem

I have a similar problem with my new laptop.

My Latitude E7450 pairs with and connects to my Beats Studio Wireless headset, but they do not work.

During the automatic driver search, 3 out of 4 drivers do not install. Microsoft has no answer, Beats has no answer, and Dell has no other drivers.

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RE: BlueTooth Device problem

I have same issue with Jam Classic bluetooth speaker. Laptop (Inspiron 5555) says it is paired. But no sound comes through the speaker. Just the laptop speakers. 

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RE: BlueTooth Device problem

I finally was able to get my Beats connected over bluetooth to my Latitude E7450 by using an updated BT driver from Intel. The latest from Dell's site did not work.

This was the driver I used, compatible with the Wifi/BT radio (AC 7265) in the laptop:


(incase link doesn't work this is the driver: StP-BT_17.1.1532.1813_s64.exe)

(You can check your radio in Device Manager under 'Network Adapters', should have a listed item 'Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265'. If your radio is different look on Intel's site for an updated driver specific to your radio)

After installing, and then trying to connect the headphones it actually was able to locate and automatically install the 'services' it was unable to locate before installing the driver. 

Only nuance was that even though it was connected, I still wasn't getting audio, this was solved by:

- Selecting the headphones in Bluetooth Devices

- Double clicking on the headset 

- Then clicking the 'Listen to Music' under operations on the next screen (took a second for these options to pop up)

Once clicked I heard the headphones connect and was able to play music. 

...another strike for Windows! Glad I have my Mac at home for personal use where they connected with zero issue. 

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RE: BlueTooth Device problem

I had a new headset that connected immediately to my android but for whatever reason my (also relatively new) Dell laptop would not recognize.  The laptop I'd set up to also dual boot into Ubuntu, and there the headset was also recognized.  Doesn't sound like hardware issue, does it?

I typically do a clean Windows install, but since the Dell had very little bloatware hadn't.  However, since this did appear to be driver related, and updating it and reinstalling it did nothing, decided it was time.  Windows 10 detected all of my devices and installed a compatible Qualcomm driver for Bluetooth.  It recognized the headset immediately.

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