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Bluetooth PAIRS with Bose AE2W headphones, but will not CONNECT to same

Dell Latitude 6430 -  Windows 7 32-bit.

Bluetooth PAIRS with Bose AE2W headphones, but will not CONNECT.  I have updated all windows drivers via Dell support site, but no matter what I do, Windows still asks for "device drivers".  According to Bose tech, there are NO specific drivers needed for the AE2W. 

Do not have any problems connecting AE2W to other BT devices, like iPhone, or iPad....so why will the Dell e6430 w/Windows 7 not CONNECT?

Have searched internet for solutions, but to no avail.  Most solutions seem to just be "guesses" --clearly intended to offer help, but many posters do not read all of the ACTUAL details...thus are inappropriate solutions.  

Any real solutions are needed...prefer from Dell or Microsoft techs.


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RE: Bluetooth PAIRS with Bose AE2W headphones, but will not CONNECT to same


Have you set your Bluetooth Headset as default play back device? while the media player( which ever you're using) was running?

You should remove and pair therm  again After it gets paired, set it as default play back device and then try to run the media player.

Let me know if running the media player, after setting up the Bluetooth headset helps.

There is also a  bose firmware available from the link below.


Firstly make sure your Bluetooth Headset is a "Stereo Headset" with A2DP support.

Enable Bluetooth in Access Connection by holding Fn + F5
Bluetooth Status - "On"
Double click on the Bluetooth Icon at the taskbar (Screen below)
Ensure your Bluetooth Headset is in "Paring Mode"
Click on "Add a Bluetooth Device"
Click Next
Search for your Bluetooth Headset
When found, click Next and enter the passcode for your Bluetooth Headset
If you are unsure of the passcode for the Bluetooth Headset, kindly contact the Bluetooth Headset's manufacturer or check the headset manual.
Once the passcode has been entered, click Next and the pairing will show that it has been successfully connected.
Now your Bluetooth icon in the taskbar will have a bit of green color in the center.
Once the step above has been completed, you have successfully paired the laptop with your Bluetooth Headset. You can now use the headset to listen to music / video or pair it with VOIP applications such as Skype.

If there is no audio when playing video or music, do check the sound configration via step below.

Click Start
Click Control Panel
Click "Sound and Audio Devices"
Click on Audio Tab
Ensure Sound Playback - Default Device has been set to Bluetooth Stereo Audio
Then click Ok.
Check volume has been enabled by clicking on the Speaker Icon in the taskbar and ensure the volume is turned on and the "Mute All" is not ticked.

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RE: Bluetooth PAIRS with Bose AE2W headphones, but will not CONNECT to same

There are several things which can effect the Bluetooth connectivity.  One, of course, is user experience.  If the button is not held down for 3-5 seconds or until the tone is heard, the system may not connect.

Also, such a thing as starting iTunes prior to connecting will not allow the headset to be used.  In this situation, iTunes has to be shutdown, the headset connected, and iTunes restarted.  

Do you show Bluetooth software in the Programs and Features window?  This is in addition to a Bluetooth driver.

If the device is Paired, you might be able to select it in Device Manger and look at the Events tab to see what might be happening.

What Bluetooth/Wi-Fi device do you have?  Doe Bose have any help groups?


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