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Bluetooth Question

I have had my Dell Studio XPS 1640 for a bit over a month.  I want to add a Bluetooth device (mouse), but can find no documentation that this machine is capable.  Only reference I have is the owner's manual says Bluetooth is an option.  When I built this laptop, Bluetooth was not offered as an option.  There is a Bluetooth light symbol on the front edge between the hard drive light and the WI-FI light.

I tried a live chat session to get an answer, but was cut off.  The followup phone call was useless to me due to language/accent barrier.

What do I need to get Bluetooth capability?  Or am I just out of luck?  I even went thru the process of building this unit again and found no Bluetooth offering.

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Re: Bluetooth Question

If you didn't opt for it you don't have a bluetooth card.  This is the card:

Here's where it goes:


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