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Booting USB flash drive - Acronis

OK, I’ve not found anyone reporting this particular problem; so here goes!


System Configuration:

Inspiron 9300

BIOS Version:    Dell Inc. A02, 23 February 2005

OS: XP Pro SP2


USB Flash Drive:            Corsair FlashVoyager CMFUSB2.0-16GB


XP classifies USB flash drive as:

Type: removable disk,

File system: FAT32. 


Boot system:                 Acronis True Image Home version 11.0 (build 8,053)



1. Are there any known BIOS version A02 issues booting from a USB Flash Drive?

2. Is Dell documentation/report available describing all known BIOS version A02 issues?




1. In BIOS version A02, the F12 boot menu only offers the boot_from_USB option if the flash drive is plugged in. So clearly the BIOS recognizes presence of the flash drive.


2. After selecting the USB boot option the BIOS reports “missing operating system”.



I will only consider updating the BIOS if there is definite information that the Acronis boot fails because of a BIOS issue. I have no other reason to do so.


Thank you.

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Re: Booting USB flash drive - Acronis

“missing operating system” indicates to me that you have not configured the drive correctly so that it's bootable.
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Re: Booting USB flash drive - Acronis

Bacillus, thank you for your reply.


I've been relying on the Acronis True Image task {Bootable Rescue Media Builder} to ensure that the necessary files and the MBR are correctly written to the flash drive to make it bootable. Do I need to prepare the flash drive in some other way?


Do I understand from your comment that 9300 BIOS version A02 will happily boot from a flash drive that is correctly configured and that I should eliminate the BIOS from my list of possible problems?

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Re: Booting USB flash drive - Acronis

The problem is that the acronis boot disk was not able to write the bootinfo to the USB device correctly so it dose not work.You have a chatch22, the disk must not be formated for the acronis util to write the partition and MBR, but if the USB device is not formated it is not found. USB works different then a normal HD and has to have the correct program to be able to format and set it up unlike a normal HD.


It can be done, you will need to google the info, like USB Boot setup, usb boot disks.

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