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Brand New Dell XPS 15 Will no Longer Turn On Charging Issue

Less than 60 days ago I received my brand new XPS15. It was love at first sight and I was excited at all the possible productivity enhancements I was going to realize with such a powerful machine. Two days ago I started receiving a message that machine wasn't able to recognize the power adapter properly and it would affect charging. Then the machine died. I promptly called tech support and they informed me that I would have to ship the XPS 15 to depot to get it fixed and that the turn around would take about two weeks. TWO WEEKS of being without a top of the line machine that I expected to last me for several years without a glitch. I upgraded the warranty to premium support and called back. The technician kept suggesting that I send the machine to depot (over 6 references) as if they sent a technician to repair the machine he/she might not have all the necessary parts. When I asked the technician and her manager what they were going to do to compensate me for my lost time they said they couldn't do a thing. Further they refused to send out a new machine instead of attempting to swap out the motherboard and RAM.

Now this is a really sad turn of events because at one time the name Dell had meaning. It was about quality and customer service. This is obviously no longer the case. My calls were first routed to the Philippines and then India instead of a tech facility in the United States. The staff at these locations are obviously incentivized to keep the costs as low as possible regardless of the customer's needs and the price paid for the premium support contract. When asked to be escalated to an American support specialist I was advised that this was not possible. Frankly after this experience I will never purchase a Dell product again and will recommend to other's within my circle of influence that they do the same. As a consultant and specifier of computing hardware to large organizations I will also communicate my misgivings related to Dell products.  Companies succeed or fail based upon their reputation within the marketplace. Anger enough clients and your business will contract substantively.

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