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Brand new Dell Inspiron 5559 NEWEST model, keeps saying Graphics/Video driver has stopped responding.

This is my second one just hours old. The first one I had was a 5559, but had 4gb ram and 500gb hdd. That one Microsoft Edge would not launch, and kept crashing. BRAND NEW OUT OF THE BOX. I did a recovery and reset it as it was when dell shipped it and same exact issue. I took it back to frys they couldn't even fix it. I exchanged it for this new one which is a Dell Inspiron 5559 15" same specs as the other but has lighted keyboard, 8gb Ram, 1TB hdd, without touch.

DELL, What is going on? I need this resolved ASAP. This happens when web surfing and even just in general windows. No other applications have been installed except McAfee and Word 2013, but is not running.

I'm not understanding what is going on when this occurs not even 24 hours out of the box. Windows 10 has showed that message 8 times while typing this message.

This laptop was a gift for my mother, and so far has been unreliable. I don't get a reply within 15 days I will be returning this PC and going with a different brand.

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