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Brand new XPS 13 battery failing

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if someone could provide any suggestions, or confirm that this is not normal. 

I got this brand new XPS literally a week ago.  This is my 7th day using it, and the battery fully charged is saying I have anywhere from 3-5 hours left on it.  What happened to the 12 hours?? I'm a freelance going to several different offices and that was the whole reason I got a new computer.  It's pretty embarrassing having to crawl under a conference table looking for a plug all the time.

I even switched from using Chrome which is supposed to be a battery hog, turned down the screen brightness etc.   I only use several browser tabs, google drive, microsoft office programs like word or excel.  I haven't even installed Adobe Illustrator yet, which I fear would really kill the battery fast.  Has anyone else experienced this? 

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