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Broadcom USH Fingerprint Reader (Latitude E6500)

I enabled the fingerprint sensor but it only works for booting up te machine.

Can I use the fingerprint authentication with other apps?

I have used HP laptops before where there is a security layer on top of every login dialog box where you can use the fingerprint. Is there software like this for my new dell laptop?

Any help would be greatly appreciated it.


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Re: Broadcom USH Fingerprint Reader (Latitude E6500)


I have a problem with that fingerp

rint on that notebook.

yesterday i install some new Patches (ok i know, never change a running system) but since them the fingerprint don´t work.

when i try to register an new finger the tool sad to me "plugin the fingerprint sensor" (is translated from german to english).

after a startup i can not login with the fingerprint because the fingerprint area is grayed out.

thanks for your help

best regard


ps.: i have reinstall all software from dell--> no changes

sorry for my bad english but i hope you understand me

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