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Broken Hinge and Cover Frame

For those suffering the issue with the hinges and covers breaking on their Dells (I have a Dell Studio 17), this problem occurred within one year of the purchase of my laptop and I read several solutions including drilling holes and screwing it, etc.  All too complicated and scary for me, so after a day's thought, I came up with this:  strapping tape.  I taped the hinge with a single piece of strapping tape, 1" X 3".  It fit around the hinge perfectly and worked like a charm for almost two years, with no warping or popping on the joint.  A recent week long exposure to high temps (lost my air conditioning) weakened the adhesive and the hinge immediately popped loose, and the entire right bottom and side along with it.  I just pulled out the strapping tape again and taped the entire thing back together, and again, it's tight as can be.  Not pretty, mind you, but nice and solid.  Nothing's warping or popping, and  I imagine I can get another year or two out of it.  Consider it a real screen saver.  (It's cheap, it's easy, and when it does give way again, there's always more where that came from.)


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