Broken Keyboard Connector on Motherboard

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing:  My daughter had trashed our Inspiron 1300 so badly (spilled drinks, etc.) that the keyboard did not work, so I was overjoyed when I found out I could buy a replacement keyboard for it from Dell and not have to keep using an external keyboard.  Well, I have repaired computers before but I'm a little out of practice and while getting the old keyboard out, I broke the black plastic part of the keyboard connector on the motherboard that the cable slides into.  (stupid, stupid, stupid . . . ) It's a very small 25-pin connector that flips up and the keyboard cable slides into it, and I think the location on the motherboard is C24.  I have NO CLUE 1)  where to find a replacement part and 2) how much I'm going to have to pay someone to solder it onto the motherboard.  (I have a soldering iron but have never learned to use it.)  The good news is that the laptop is still usable with the external keyboard, and it certainly looks cleaner than it did before.  I hate to keep pouring money into this computer (my daughter has also broken 2 power cords for it, and I'm not sure if the one we have now is going to keep working), but I'd like to keep using it.  Other than the external keyboard (and keeping my daughter away from this computer), does anyone have any suggestions?   

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Re: Broken Keyboard Connector on Motherboard

By the time you pay someone qualified to repair the board, you'll spend more than you will on a replacement board.


Try parts-people.com - they should have a board for about $200.

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