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Bug in my display -- literally! How do I get it out?

A small gnat somehow crawled in between the lcd panel and the glossy display panel/cover.  Anyone know how the display comes apart so I can remove this annoying pest?   I have an Inspiron 1525.






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It is very difficult to disassemble an LCD - I would suggest you leave it to a competent computer shop. Balance the labor charge against the possibility - very real - you'll damage or destroy a $400+ LCD panel.


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What ejn63 said and the shop repair cost will be well over the the price of a dozen cappuccinos I believe.

Some might even charge you the price of replacement panel plus labor which would be very likely more then current system value at some auction site. 

If you are like me - loves to take things apart then put them back ;) - here is a few tips I can give.


I've done it on a unit that I could afford to lose and found that the hardest part is dealing with plastic snap in type casing. Check the service drawing and learn the location and type of snap mechanism that sandwiches the LCD assembly in it's outer frame. They are _easy_ to damage.

Also, I believe there were least 4-5 layers of light diffuser sheets (mind the order and direction) on top of actual LCD and your bug can be between any of them. Also try not to break a very thin glass light bulb at the bottom side of LCD.


Cheers and good luck, 

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