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Built-In Audio Drivers Issue (losing my mind trying to fix)

Alright so the other day I noticed my mic wasn't working while on Skype (was kind of obvious). I started looking into a fix asap, but was coming across nothing that could help. My last option I could think to try was to uninstall my audio drivers and re-install like so many had recommended and guess where that got me... That's right, deleted my audio drivers for my built-in output. So now I have no input, or output   After taking a breather, I went to the drivers section of Dell's main site. In there I used the proper detection system and so forth to track down my specific audio drivers. Guys, and girls, I have done this process over 8 times now at the least.. Every time I have tried to re-install my proper audio drivers I get nothing in return. I've been to "Device Manager" countless times, checked the "Sound" section countless times, HECK even completely reset my laptop back to factory settings; and nothing.. Am I doomed folks? Just give it to me straight if I am [:'(]


- Dell Inspiron 15 7k Gaming

Attempted Fixes:

- Everything possible in Device Manager section

- Constantly checking "Sound" section

- Resetting computer to factory

- Over 8 attempts of re-installing proper audio drivers

- Contacting Dell support with no luck in fixes

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RE: Built-In Audio Drivers Issue (losing my mind trying to fix)

Hi M_O_C_H_A,

Thanks for posting.

Since you've gone to exhaustive measures to reinstall the drivers, it might be a hardware malfunction.  Your post doesn't state whether or not you've run system diagnostics.  Have you tried that yet?  http://dell.to/2xIewV3

Dell-Robert P
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RE: Built-In Audio Drivers Issue (losing my mind trying to fix)

Hey Robert, unfortunately yes I've tried that as well. I believe I actually did that when I was on the phone with Dell support. Every time I've attempted to run diagnostics and such my results have come up with my computer saying that my audio is fine which baffles me.

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RE: Built-In Audio Drivers Issue (losing my mind trying to fix)

You say you have gone to places to check you system but you do not provide feedback as to what you found.

For instance, if you look at the playback devices from the speaker Icon, what does it show?  And be specific and to the full name of the device.

How about the recording tab and what shows there?

You can see the systems I have and if you want to compare installs, let us know.


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