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Buzzing/Hissing noise


I have new Dell XPS 15 9550 laptop. 4K monitor, i7-6700HQ, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD. The laptop is 1 month old. Once I received the unit I didn't have any kind of problems with it, but then I updated the drivers out of fear from the BSOD because many others had troubles with it. After the update problems arrived.

First it was screen flicker. It was driving me nuts. After reading a lot of forum posts, various articles on the internet, a combination of latest BIOS and Intel HD driver revision number 4331, did the trick. Flicker was not present anymore.

Then came the buzzing noise from the left bottom side of the laptop. Everything I tried to remove it failed. This was not present at the time laptop arrived. The power adapter was buzzing from the start but not the laptop. After some time the laptop also started buzzing. This is very annoying considering this is a 2k laptop.

Now the fan that is closer to the power outlet is also producing some scratching sound on lower RPM.

I must say that I am very dissapointed in the time invested in the proper testing of these devices. i tried using dell support, but 5 consequtive times dell's website gave me "Sorry, try again.". So, I can't file a report that I have a product that is not functioning as it should. My warranty was started 5 months before laptop even arrived at my place, and I am not sure how that happened, because it wasn't opened, it was properly sealed.

Can anyone please shed some light on this. I purchased my laptop in Germany, but I don't live there, so sending it back is very difficult, and not cost effective.

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RE: Buzzing/Hissing noise

Sounds like a fan needs to be replaced.  You'll need to initiate a warranty transfer to wherever you're located now -- however, note that the basic 12-month warranty cannot be transferred from country to country.   You must have upgraded to (or upgrade now) at added cost, an onsite service plan to allow for an international warranty transfer.

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