CAS Latency Matching

I have a Dell Inspiron I5 5559 6th Gen i7 system. and Im about to upgrade my RAM to 16GB. but the memory I bought is CL=9 module.. but the memory modules which are already installed in my system are CL=11. I'm noob for those tech. so the Q is.. does that new Ram would work fine.. 

Clock speed matched =  1600Mhz
Voltage Matched= 1.35V
Pins Matched= 204pins

Only the CAS Latency is not matching? Will it be a problem?

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RE: CAS Latency Matching


The specs for the memory are listed below. The memory specs must be met for it to work with the computer.

Memory module connector Two user-accessible SODIMM sockets
Memory module capacities 2GB, 4GB, 8GB capable
Memory type DDR3L 1600MHz SODIMM
Minimum memory 4GB
Maximum memory 16GB



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