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CPU Temp usually over 70 C

For some reason, I have noticed that my CPU is running very hot (around 70 degrees Celsius according to the sensors) and I don't know why. The air ports are clean and have no dust, and the battery is not faulty. I am using an XPS M1210. When I take the battery out all together, the temperature is still high, around 55-60. Is there any way to fix this, and is there a problem if it continues to run hot...?
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Re: CPU Temp usually over 70 C

did you blow the fans out with canned air?
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Re: CPU Temp usually over 70 C

Take the keyboard off first before you blow the fan(s) with canned air. And blow from the exposed Fan side "outwards" from the laptop while holding the fan blade in place, and then blow inward from the cpu fan vents.
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