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Call from Dell Service re TB15

Hello.  I received a call from Dell Support about my TB15.  It has been working fine for the last 12 months and out of the blue I get a call about replacing it with a TB16 and sending a tech out to replace the motherboard in my XPS 15.  Is this legitimate?  Also, is it a coincidence that  a Dock Update was installed today on my computer?  Before I send any info via email, I wanted to make sure I was not being scammed.  Thank you in advance.

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RE: Call from Dell Service re TB15

Hi redwing 12340,

Thanks for posting.  Unless you are having difficulties with your TB15 and called us, I know of no such campaign from Dell to call customers offering to replace the dock and the motherboard of their computers.  If you are having difficulties, please contact Tech Support to troubleshoot over the phone.  Thanks

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