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Can Anyone Help Fix an Headphone Mic Issue On Windows 10 Laptop?


Before I continue, I'd like to say I did not upgrade to Windows 10. I bought my laptop not even a year-ago from Best Buy with Windows 10 already installed.

A little background, I've been using my "Skullcandy Ink'd Earbud with Mic" to talk with people on both Skype and Discord using my laptop. I've had these earbuds for more than three-months and I've never had an issue with them until today. Suddenly people can't hear me, but I can hear them while my sound remains perfectly intact. 

I thought maybe my earbuds were broken so I tried them with three different devices, but the Mic still worked just fine. Afterwards I updated my Sound Drivers thinking that might be the issue. Yet, even after updating the problem wasn't fixed. 

I'm really confused as to why I can't be heard through the Mic when I plug the earbuds into my laptop. Especially, when it was working not to long ago. 

Has anyone else experienced this? I really need help.

P.S. I used the earbuds/mic three days ago an they worked fine. The next day the mic couldn't be picked up, also it only has one plug. 

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RE: Can Anyone Help Fix an Headphone Mic Issue On Windows 10 Laptop?

Hi Emanoo,

Thanks for posting.

Your issue sounds like an update or a driver has become corrupted.  Have you tried reloading the drivers for your device?

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RE: Can Anyone Help Fix an Headphone Mic Issue On Windows 10 Laptop?

I am sorry you are still having problems with this but I don't think you ever responded in the other forum.

Can you hear yourself if you open the Voice Recorder and record and then playback?

If you open the Recording dialog from the speaker icon on the taskbar do you see the volume level moving next to the default device?  What designation does the default device show?


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