Can I not put windows 7 on my 2015 XPS?

Hi there, I recently bought an xps 13 9343 2015 edition. I swapped the toshiba default ssd with one of the samsung sm951 m.2 ahci drives. Thanks to the BIOS updates, windows 8.1 works on it but I can get Windows 7 to install on it.

When I boot from usb (legacy BIOS with secure boot OFF) it brings up windows 7 install but when it lists the partitions, I'm not allowed to install on the primary. I click show details and it says it can't install because it's of the GPT partition style.

Can someone help me understand what this means and let me know if it's possible or not to put Win 7 on these drives? I would truly love to run Win 7 but I'm stumped. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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RE: Can I not put windows 7 on my 2015 XPS?

Hi honolulusurfer87,

Yes Dell XPS 13/9343 is compatible with Windows 7 operating system you will find specifid drivers on our Dell support site.

Please follow the steps mentioned below and then try reinstalling the operating system.

Boot into your Windows 7 DVD

Select repair your computer, it will fail and then select the command prompt after a few windows.

Type into command prompt (NO QUOTES)

"diskpart" (enter)
"list disk" (enter)

find your HDD (in my case disk 0)

"select disk 0" (enter)
"clean" (enter)
"exit" (enter)

Note: Please backup all data from the system to perform the above steps.

Please let me know if this helps.

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