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Can anyone give me a quote?

Two broken hinges, a fluctuating/grinding fan, and a missing #4 key--how much will it cost/is it worth it to replace parts on a Dell Studio?

My warranty expired last year. I love this computer, but the physical issues it's facing are making it difficult for me to use it. It overheats, the hinges/screen wobble (and I can see a bit of the display's motherboard if I tilt it a certain way), and the four key is no longer existent (it's a bare space with a white circle, now).

I have never dropped this computer and tried to treat it like gold...the hinges broke once before and a technician came to my house to repair it for $30. But it was under warranty then.

What are my options? I have a low budget, as I am a student, and need all the help I can get, please and thank you...

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Re: Can anyone give me a quote?

Dell generally charges about $160 for any repair other than a mainboard or screen replacement.

Expired warranty support:


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