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Can not Sleep mode with 6430u

I am using Win 8 Pro, fully updated driver; but i can't enter sleep mode.
When I choose sleep mode, system is crash and shut down; when start is new boot!
When I run:

Powercfg -energy

Have an error below, any one can help me?

Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

Computer Name TUELINH
Scan Time 2013-10-07T08:33:02Z
Scan Duration 60 seconds
System Manufacturer Dell Inc.
System Product Name Latitude 6430U
BIOS Date 08/09/2013
BIOS Version A06
OS Build 9200
Platform Role PlatformRoleMobile
Plugged In true
Process Count 113
Thread Count 1390
Report GUID {59cc3205-eabd-4318-b0ed-ba87785ade03}

Analysis Results


Platform Power Management Capabilities:PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) Disabled
PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) has been disabled due to a known incompatibility with the hardware in this computer.
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