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Can’t Restore from Image

Well Tech Support and I tried several hours to rebuild my new Precision 7720 boot disk to no avail. Followed instructions to prep the drives using diskpart and Clean and then install Windows image I downloaded from the website. Began boot process to the point of restore from external drive and kept getting the message Can’t find Volume for install or something like that. Any ideas?

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RE: Can’t Restore from Image

I don't know anything about your device or even what OS you are using, but the downloaded images may need something on the old drive to reinstall.

If not that, then I will boot to the media.  If it is a recovery image from Dell, you may need to select an option like recover drive.  If it is the install media for the OS, I will remove the partitions on the drive which cannot be there and those normally include a EFI, Recovery, MSR and OS for a UEFI partition.  If you used Diskpart to clean the drive, then the drive should be basically cleaned of all partitions and prior configurations.

Maybe if you went through the exact steps you are taking and the results, someone will see a problem.

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