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Can't restore factory settings and computer running very slow.

My laptop recently starting running incredibly slow. It takes about 10 minutes before I am prompted to log on and another 5 minutes before the log on is complete. Once logged on the computer barely works. Most programs won't open and if they do they keep freezng and evenually shut down. I have anti-virus installed but when I try to run a scan Norton opens the scan window and it says the scan is running but never actually scans anything, even when the laptop is in Safe Mode.

When I tried to restore the factory settings (I have a studio laptop and run windows 7) I followed the instructions at when I get to stage 4 there is no option to go Dell Factory Image Recovery and DataSafe option.

Does anyone know if there is any other way I can restore the laptop to Factory Settings or if there is someway to fix the computer without having to resort to a restore.

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