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Can't see my NVidia card in device manager !


So heres the deal, I've had this laptop (Dell Inspiron n7110) for a little over a year now and when i first purchased it i could see i had 2 video cards properly showing in the device manager. I play alot of high end online games on my laptop and one day i noticed a bit of lag and latency in between some of the games i play. I decided some weeks after that to try to update my Nvidia graphics card from the Nvidia website only for it to say that the proper driver card wasn't installed or detected, something like that. I then opened device manager and saw that the Nvidia card wasn't showing anymore!!! I'm not sure what happened nor when did it up and disappear but right now i only have my intel family graphicsHD card displaying. I did some searching online for my inspiron and saw that some inspirons n7110 are shipped either with or without the Nvidia graphics card, I got to thinking whether i actually do have the card installed into this huge laptop or not, i really believe i do because i used to be able to right click my desktop screen and Nvidia graphics and performance options would show up now nothing...do graphics card sometimes just turn off or something??? IDK!!!   I need help if anyone knows whats wrong or can help me find a solution soon.

Big thanks, Kevin~

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