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Cannot change brightness, error 1000-0322 "Error accessing LCD inverter"

Hi everyone, thanks for helping me out with this issue.

Background: backlight was going out (red screen), then the screen went out completely, but would sometimes still work if I turned the screen off and on (magnetic switch thing).
I then bought a new backlight lamp off ebay, just soldered it in now, and for some reason it is stuck on full brightness now.
I have tried changing it in the bios, and the fn+up/down, none of that works.

I am running windows server 2008 on a dell inspiron 6000 with an ATI x300.
I tried a new inverter, and it is still the same thing.

Did I somehow damage the lcd control board?
Also, the temperature sensor no longer reports the temperature anymore. This occurred while I was testing the new backlight lamp.


Dell Inspiron 6000 | Pentium M 760 2.0Ghz 533mhz fsb, 60gb Hitachi 5400rpm, ATI x300 128mb graphics card, 2gb 2x1024mb 533mhz ddr2 ram

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