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Cannot disable toast notifications in Win 8.1


I know this does not seem like a hardware-related problem. I bought a Dell notebook running Win 8.1 recently and the thing keeps annoying me with the so-called "toast notifications", containing nothing but stupid advertisement.

I was not able to permanently disable the annoying toast notifications because my DELL notebook only allows temporary blocks, whilst most other PCs seem to run a different version of Windows on which the "Toast advertisement" can be turned off permanently (Win+C, notifications).

Is this a deliberate move by DELL? To make a little on the side by peddling spam to their customers? If so, I would prefer to be warned ahead.  Because if I cannot turn them off, this PC is nothing but a piece of garbage to me and I will ask my money back.

Does anyone know how to fix this?



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RE: Cannot disable toast notifications in Win 8.1


After disabling notifications, how long does it take for you to notice that the toaster notifications have returned?  Are there specific notifications that you get or do they seem random.  Does rebooting the system seem to make any difference at all after disabling notifications?

One thing that I can suggest is that you go into notifications and turn all notifications on.

  • Press Win+C to bring up charms, click on settings, more PC settings, and notifications.

  • Verify that “Show app notifications”, “Show app notifications on the lock screen” and
    “play notifications sounds” are all on.

Below these switches is a section called “Show notifications from these apps” and a list of different applications that can give toaster notifications.   Go down this list of apps and turn off notifications for each app that you don’t want to receive messages from.  This way you should be able to control the unwanted notifications and still get useful notifications.

Please reply back here if you find that you continue receiving notifications from applications that you have disabled and I can research further and possibly come up with a solution.



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