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Cannot re-enable touchscreen in Inspiron 15z 5523?

I have an Inspiron 15z 5523 touchscreen.  All was working fine, and I successfully disabled the touchscreen about a year ago since I like to point to things on my screen in discussion with co-workers.

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 - very smooth with no problems and really like Win10.

However, I wanted to try the touchscreen again but cannot get it to enable.  I think I disabled it using Device Manager >  Human Interfaces Devices > HP-compliant Touch screen, and clicked disabled, although I remember it took some searching to disable the touchscreen.

My question(s):

- is the same Device Manager setting used to enable the touchscreen, or is there some other settings? (registry?) 

- Could WIndows 10 cause a problem? (My "products" page says it is not, but I have had no problems other than this one issue).


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