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Cannot see 5GHz Wireless on Dell Latitude E5550

So I am looking into this laptop that for some reason is not seeing the 5 GHz network on my Dell Latitude E5550.

What I have done so far to investigate this is:

- uninstall/reinstall drivers

- Check to see if there was any Dell Software that could be an issue
- Checked to make sure the laptop has Dual-Band hardware

I can see on other machines in the network the wireless and I even used the "netsh wlan show network" command on all machines including the one with the problem to see if any of the machines could see the network.

I comes down to the fact that the hardware and drivers are there but I cannot find only on this laptop my 5GHz network. Even the phone of the person using the computer can see the network, but not the computer.

It's not a hidden network by the way, I tried using SSID and Password just to try something but it didn't connect that way either.

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