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Cannot set hours in EFI bios on a new xps 15 (9550)

Hi all,

I just got a brand new xps 15. I wiped the disc and install linux on it. My OS use the GMT date and my timezone to know my actual time. At boot time, the OS get the system time which is not localized (ie is set to my time zone time) and thus calculate a wrong time.

So, I tried to set the time in the BIOS to the GMT time, so my OS could get the universal time at boot time and then calculate the actual time of my timezone, but I just cannot change the hour part of the time. It seems I can change the day, minutes, but not the hours. I just cannot believe I can't set the time of my system, so I assume I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what.

Any help ?

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