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Cannot set up external microphone (headset) on Latitude E6530

I am trying to set up an external microphone via a headset on my Latitude E6530. The speakers part is working fine but I canot get the microphone to work at all. I have tried configuring the "sound" settings on my computer but without success. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Cannot set up external microphone (headset) on Latitude E6530

Hi Louiseypeasy,

I suggest you to click the link below which will give you all the troubleshooting steps for microphone issues: http://dell.to/NLCUbA 

I suggest you to run MS Fix It to fix the issue: http://bit.ly/JvQScV

If the problem persists, I suggest you to enable Hidden Audio Devices and then check the audio. To enable the hidden audio devices please follow the steps from this link: http://bit.ly/1CY4mt

Please post the results for further help.

Thanks & Regards,
Nikhil D

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Jim Coates
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Re: Cannot set up external microphone (headset) on Latitude E6530

If you are using a regular headset with 2 plugs (3 segments each), that kind won't work. The E6530 has a smart phone type of combo jack that requires a 4 segmented plug. A regular mic plug will not mate correctly with the contacts. You need either a smart phone headset or you can use a regular headset or mic if you have a Headset Buddy adapter. This is a shot of a smart phone type of headset with the 4 segmented plug.

Below is a shot of  the Headset Buddy:

There is another Headset Buddy adapter that looks similar but is the wrong kind, in the shot below.

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