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Caps Lock or key press disabling trackpad cursor use

Alienware 17 R4, brand new this week.

All drivers and software updated to most recent versions.

The issue i have is between Caps Lock, using the trackpad/touch pad cursor, and the arrow keys.

I did have the issue with the error message popping up regarding the Thunderbolt driver not being correct, but that has been fixed with a driver update.

Specifically, this happens to me playing World of Warcraft.

With the Caps Lock key enabled (light is on), I can use the trackpad to move the cursor around on the screen, while using the arrow keys to move my character around.  I don't seem to have an issue.

With the Caps Lock key disabled (light is off), while using the arrow keys, my cursor does not want to move, or sometimes is very intermittent in use.

Also, if i am pressing a key, say spamming the 1 key, the trackpad does not recognize any input form my touching it.  This is with the Num Lock key on or off.

I do not use a mouse, have gamed with the trackpad for 20 years now, no issues.  And this is my 3rd alienware laptop, and first time i have had this issue.

I have also adjusted all of the settings on the trackpad and mouse settings, turned gestures and zoom and other settings on and off individually and completely.

As this is really my main use for this computer, may be a deal breaker for me, as it is very frustrating to not be able to use the trackpad all the time.

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