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Changing keyboard on an Inspiron 5558

Hi guys,

I would be grateful is someone were to help me the following:

I have an Inspiron 5558 and it has a keyboard with the following model code 583-BCES. I think it is an Internal American keyboard, I bought it in Switzerland - so it may be a Central European keyboard, but according to my Order description and Google it is an American keyboard. I want to change it to a UK/Ireland. I can buy the keyboard but will the layout of the keys on the UK/Ireland keyboard work with the computer I have. I ask because clearly the layout of the keys on the two keyboards is different and I do not want to buy a UK/Ireland one and discover it does not work. Even if the UK/Ireland keyboard 'fits', I presume I need to reconfigure the key set-up on the OS too? In case this has any bearing, I am using Windows 10.

Thanks in advance.


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