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Charging Issues With Dell Inspiron M731R

About a week ago I experienced issues with my Dell Inspiron M731R laptop.  There were several occasions where it refused to charge while powered on and would only charge when it was completely shut off.  This continued for around two days, then it gave me no trouble. Last night I had the issue again, so I shut off my laptop so it would charge. I had it plugged in for at least six hours, but when I powered it on this morning it said my laptop was at 6% and shut off quickly after everything booted up. I have tried several different chargers and the same thing keeps happening, and the chargers all work for my friends who have the same kind of laptop as me. The laptop will not even turn on now. It's completely shut off, yet the light that says that it's charging is on and flickers from time to time. I've had this laptop for about four years and I got a new battery for it around two months ago. The first two days when this began happening I checked everything on my laptop and it all said that my battery was working normally. I'm unsure of what the problem is, help?

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RE: Charging Issues With Dell Inspiron M731R

Unplug the system, remove the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Verify that the LED on the AC adapter is ON before you connect the notebook to it.  If it's not, the adapter is bad.

If the adapter is OK, try powering up with no battery. If it will, but won't with the battery installed, the battery is bad.

If it still won't power up, the mainboard is bad -  given the age and low-end nature of the system, repair is likely not economically favorable.  Start shopping for a replacement system.

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