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Chromebook 11 Case Screws

Our students use Chromebook 11s.  They were issued in July.  We have a few that have screws missing from the bottom(I'm guessing more of them have the same problem).  Is there an easy way to get these from Dell in bulk so we can replace the ones that are missing?


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I finally decided to move screws from one to another and then submit a service request for one machine instead of several. The one I sent in only had two or three screws left in it LOL but this solved my problem.

I suggest you have students check for missing screws and come by if they are missing screws -- then just pull several screws out of another machine ands end that one in for service.

Bad solution -- but the only one i could come up with since Dell isn't taking care of us.

I won't be buying anymore Dell 11's. This and the broken glass that you can't find a replacement for... two big issues with this machine. 

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Same problem as everyone else.  I've been unable to get screws, as mentioned above, without requesting them for each device.  However, the read problem is the screw on the inside that falls out and shorts out the motherboard.  I've not had this issue all year, but over the last month or so, it's happening to one device after the other.  I'm also worried that we must get these all repaired before the end of the 1 year warranty because if anything happens after that it's going to fall on us even though it's a design flaw.  I'm trying to get someone to come out and make repairs on all of them.  Sending back every machine isn't economical for Dell or us.  The manpower to box and unbox them all, alone is a nightmare.  Has anyone out there worked on replacing the interior screws?  Despite all of this, I've still loved this device and think it's more rugged than many others on the market.  I also have the new model with the rubber edges. Assuming they've fixed the screw issue on this one, it should be a great device. 

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As a follow-up, we have finally received screws from Dell. About a thousand so far with the promise of more. We are so happy!

I guess the lesson is be persistent and keep asking--eventually it happens.

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Did you receive internal and external screws?  I'm concerned about cracking open every device to replace the internal screw that's coming loose and shorting out the motherboard.  

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We have not had that happen to us yet with the internal screws. (fingers crossed)

 They are just sending me the external screws.

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We have over 700 and continue to have issues. Dell just offered to replace the screws in them all. We also asked for a warranty extension feeling that we may see long term issues with the poor manufacturing process. They denied the warranty extension so we are looking at what legal avenues we can pursue.

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Please let us know what you find out about extending the warranty.  I am worried, as well, that we're going to continue to have issues with the screws falling out, the casing cracking as a result, and the internal screw shorting out the mother board.  We have had an extremely high number of our 100 devices have the three issues listed above.  We have clearance to send them all in this summer to have the screws replaced, so hopefully that will solve the problem. 

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We have/had over 1000 in our Middle School.... we have seen over 30% warranty return, with about 2-3% return rate on these... only about 2 were for a bad battery.  50 of our warranty units were replaced with "refurbished" units... 3 of these units failed 2.5 months after receipt and about 10 days past warranty expatriation. 

Over 50% had loose internal screws, the main points of failure:
all 4 battery screws, MB screw to the left of the power port hinge, MB screw just above the battery set, on the other hing we sometimes see both screws fall out as well as the top SD card boards screw.

We have also gone through 1000 screws* on the back of the units.  If the student or staff member is not aware that the screws has fallen out located on the power port side.  the sole hinge screw and female receptacle will pull away and off the palmrest internal point.  

Some other things to note:

1.  since Feb, Dell still has two of our units

2. Dell has still to send a box for a unit that has a case number (that Im trying to get from our Tech Services Dept) since Feb.

Here is the KICKER... since our warr has run out 2.5 mo ago (no love from Dell):  60 units have failed with bad MBs...  5 have had small internal fires

The primary failure point seems to be a small paired chip just below the power port; one was under the fan.  No loose screws were found or seen in the location but this would be my suspicion.
Here are some pic that I took to send on the the principal and on to the district...  It is my hope they (my district) take legal action and Dell is forced to do a recall.  With any hope Dell will do the stand up thing and own it before that happens.

*I found this thread tonight because I am /  was trying to search for a screw source as the screws are still falling out and none of them have had the "double" coverage and or have they shown signs of the coverage even interacting with the female part of the unit.


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One other thing to add... we have also found some loose screws under the bezel strip below the screen.  these screws secure the hinge to the top fascia for the screen...

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Have you found out anything since posting this? This is EXACTLY what happened to my daughter's Chromebook at school back in March, and the school is saying that my daughter took a screw driver and did this herself! She's only 13!! They're trying to charge us for it!

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