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Chromebook 11 Case Screws

Our students use Chromebook 11s.  They were issued in July.  We have a few that have screws missing from the bottom(I'm guessing more of them have the same problem).  Is there an easy way to get these from Dell in bulk so we can replace the ones that are missing?


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We eventually received screws from Dell, after being persistent. (I posted this in April 2015)

As for your daughter's Chromebook, speak to someone at the school--whomever is handling the Chromebooks. Hopefully since it's a known issue (and let them know that you know that), they will agree to fix the problem.

If you don't get a satisfactory answer, keep going up--Teacher, Principal, District Office--Superintendent--until you get someone that will listen to you. Always be polite and calm--your persistence will pay off.

Good luck!

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It is a well known issue that the screws fall out of the first generation Dell Chromebook. The issue causes motherboards to short out, batteries to not charge, hinge assemblies to fall apart. At no time should customers pay for any repairs due to the screws falling out. This is a known issue and regardless of warranty status Dell should be fixing it free of charge. They should have issued a recall on these devices but have some how avoided doing it. The have issued new screws but that is a weak response expecting customers to repair devices that were sold to them defective. If your new car had lug nuts fall off would it be OK for GM to send you new ones and tell you to get out your tire iron??

Stay on the issue and it and stay calm. When I first saw the problem I assumed that it was students but it is most defiantly not being done by students. 

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So disapointed with Dell Chromebooks purchase during the 2014-2015 school year.

The LCD protective screen has broken on more than 300 out of the 1500 purchased.  The outside screws shake loose and fall out of the back.  Once the 2 screws on the hinge side fall out the hinges break and the computers cannot be repaired. The screws inside shake loose and then the motherboard shorts out.   Pieces of junk....I know the newer models for the 2015-2016 school year have had all of these issues resolved but those of us who purchased the previous model are stuck with Chromebooks that will soon be useless.  Shame on Dell selling these to schools. Many of these were purchased to supply our low income students with technology.  Our school system has now switched to HP. Let's hope they will stand behind their product unlike Dell.

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Searching for the screws so I could at least get the right size I kept finding this discussion thread.

Here is the answer: The case bottom screws are M2.5 x 8 mm and if you get them from Dell (in the US) they are $1.99 + tax for a package of 8 [edit: see my followup], free shipping. Part number J5GG9

On Amazon, a kit of 300 screws, including 30 of these and some of the M2's used internally, currently goes for $10: B011EFAB8K

I know this doesn't help with those who need these in the hundreds, but for those who bought small numbers, this is very likely to be helpful and will at least point people toward the right size.

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He distinctly typed that it was 8 screws, so when I got 1 screw I chatted with another rep who set up another order, expecting it to be 8 screws.

Being under a time constraint, I ordered a package of 300 screws of various sizes (30 of the M2.5x8) for $10 off Amazon (ASIN B011EFAB8K) just in case. It arrived Saturday. A dab of loctite and the Chromebook is fully repaired.

FedEx (standard overnight) just dropped off 1 screw. So it is $1.99+tax for 1 screw and even with a bulk discount with FedEx they have to be losing money.

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I wish you were right, but Dell Support is being a real bear on this and seems to claim they are unaware of an issue.  Their suggestion was for me to take this to a local PC shop.

May really sour me on ever purchasing a Dell again.

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Thank you for posting this information...will be far less frustrating to just go find these on my own than to wait for Dell to make this right.  

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