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Clean install on SSD Inspiron 1750

My hard drive died on my Inspiron 1750, it was running Windows 10 64bit before. I've installed a new SSD drive but it is not seen with SATA set to IDE or AHCI in the BIOS. I figured I'd need to Intel Storage Matrix driver so went to the Dell Support site for the 1750 but only saw Windows 7 drivers, did not work and I've even tried using Windows 7 with the "F6" drivers from Dell. On the hard drive selection page there's an option to load drivers, I point it to the drivers from Dell and it sees compatible drivers but it throws an error when trying to load them so I'm unable to get Windows 7 to see the drive and I'm not sure where to find equivalent drivers for Windows 10, the ones I got from Intel did not work. I am surprised that Windows 10 does not simply just see the drive. I thought that perhaps the Insprion does not like SSD so I got a new 500Gb HDD which is also not seen, I thought that perhaps the laptop cannot see any drive but have verified that the old drive is indeed dead.

Long story short, does anyone know where I can get working Windows 10 or Windows 7 drivers to allow the OS to see the SATA drives as the ones from Dell are not working?

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RE: Clean install on SSD Inspiron 1750

Does the system BIOS see the drive?  If not, it may be due to the slim nature of the SSD - this model was designed for a 9.5 mm drive.  The SSD is 7 mm (or possibly even slimmer).  You may need a spacer so that the slimmer SSD connects to the mainboard.

Press F2 at powerup and go into setup - - if you don't see the SSD listed, it's not connected to the system board.  Installing a spacer will solve that issue.



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