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Cod mw3 issue on xps 15 i7

I have an XPS 15 laptop with i7 2630qm processor, 4gb ram, 2gb 540m Nvidia graphics card

all Games including battlefield 3 run flawlessly but Call Of Duty 6 and also Modern warfare 3 create trouble while running..

the frame rate is not good while playing these and these CODs hang a lot with no smooth movement in cursor while playing..

I tried each and every possible thing i could updating drivers from dell and nvidia sites, factory reset laptop 2-3 times..

but all in vain..so at last only solution to this was to lower graphics and play on 800*600 resolution.. 😞

Any suggestions please..

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Re: Cod mw3 issue on xps 15 i7

me also  feeling same situation on my laptop

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