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Colour Saturation on new Dell Precision 5520 with UHD Display running Ubuntu

I have recently received a Dell Precision 5520 with the UHD display which is a fantastic machine and will be serving me well for the foreseeable future. However I have one rather large niggle which I cannot seem to rectify.

The display seems to be constantly over saturated. The reds and blues are very unnatural and make using the screen rather painful for me.

I have tried to change icc colour profiles using the ubuntu colour config tool to no avail. I have even use the colourmgr cli tool to also change the profile which also didn't work.

Strangely if I use a profile that should switch reds and green around, nothing happens which leads me to believe the icc colour profiles are not being honoured by the system.

Has anybody had the same problem and/or know of a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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