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Computer Problem (Alienware mx18 r2) Black screen ? (w/ Nvidia graphics on)

Hello everybody I need some help!

Iv had this problem for quite a while but i just decide to let it slide and tried searching for a fix but i couldn't really find one, Now iv decided to try to fix it and start my thread.

So i have a Alienware mx18 r2 

Whats my problem?

Here, when im on my nvidia graphics and my charger is plugged in. for maybe after a while it would just black screen me and the keyboard would still be on and the sound is like zapping i dont really know how to explain the sound its really like a repeating of the latest audio thats been heard and looping for a Millie second very fast just repeating.

Now this black screen happens right and i dont think my computer closes but look when i unplug the battery it dosent black screen? (if charger is unplugged i lag a lot ofcource) but wait.

What i did to let this problem slide was me switching to INTEL graphics and that wouldn't make the screen go black? and even tho the charger is plugged in no problems.

So i really need to fix this nvidia problems because i could barley even run some games on intel graphics and help would be very nice thanks!

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