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Computer not recognizing SSD in caddy

I recently replaced the CD/DVD optical drive in my Inspiron i14-3437-a40 with a new 240GB Kingston UV400 ssd drive in a caddy, but it's not being recognized at all by the computer. It does not appear neither in the BIOS nor in Device Manager/Disk Manager tools in Windows. The CD/DVD drive worked fine though, so I doubt it's an issue with the connector.  I have updated the SATA drivers and the BIOS using Dell's tool in the website, but apparently it was not a driver issue. What could be the reasons for this problem?

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RE: Computer not recognizing SSD in caddy

These devices are hit and miss -- you will need to check with the manufacturer of the caddy to see what they have to say.

In many cases, even if you can see the drive, you won't be able to use it as a boot device when it's mounted in the caddy.

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