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Configuration for graphics

My kids need a laptop to handle new programs for school including Maya, Photoshop Pro, Unity and Bryce.  Problem is that  I don't know how to determine a efficient configuration for such graphic  and memory intensive software. The proposed M6600 is too pricey for me.

 Thanks for any help

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Re: Configuration for graphics

If the M6600 is too much of a stretch, buy a desktop - it will cost half as much (or less) and be faster.

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Re: Configuration for graphics

3D design programs like Maya need high quality 3D graphics hardware and a fast CPU. Laptops which are that good do tend to be expensive. Double check the hardware requirements specified by the school. Typical inexpensive desktop computers are not going to be good enough.

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Re: Configuration for graphics

My wife uses a refurbished E6400 Latitude.

Or a refurbed M4400

If you want/ need new/ M4600

The M6600 is overkill anyways; CAD workstation you can put under your arm.

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