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Confusion About Dell PremierColor and Intel HD Graphics Control Panel

These utilities were installed on my XPS 15 9550. Both of them seem to have options for tweaking display colors. Mostly I am confused about why they are installed, what is the differences between them, and how to best use one or the other or both.

I have changed some settings, but they don't always seem to behave consistently, especially Dell PremierColor. DPC also seems to crash or restart when I play around with it. Can I just uninstall it?

Does anyone have any best practices for managing screen appearance?

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RE: Confusion About Dell PremierColor and Intel HD Graphics Control Panel

I had the same confusion with my XPS 15 9550(2016)

Also found that the screen was over saturated, and couldn't tone it down.

After weeks of experimentation, and failed use of a colorimeter and Dell Premier Colour. The following worked for me. You only need one colour management bit of software. The pre installed Intel is the easiest and most flexible....

1. Disable Dell Premier colour in the computer management tab.

2. Ensure that the Intel Colour Graphics driver is version 530. If you have a 2017 Dell you may have the Intel 630 version which has a paired down Graphics control panel which is not as good as the 530 version. So you need to roll it back to 530 version; you can do this via the Intel/Dell website.

3. The 530 Control panel allows you to adjust Gamma, contrast, RGB saturation, and overall saturation(630 version only does part of this)

4. I have colours set to 'natural'(far left setting, this is just to my taste for photographic purposes) Gamma 1.1, contrast 51, RGB saturation set to -10.

5 These settings were adjusted using the Windows screen calibration tool in Control Panel/advanced display settings/colour calibration.....and just follow on screen instructions.

I am perfectly happy with settings I have and screen appears to have a perfect grayscale and desaturation for photo purposes.

Hope you find this useful