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Connecting 3 displays - 2x displayport & 1x hdmi port


I just got a new laptop, and I'm having trouble connecting all three external screens as I used on the old machine. On the old computer I connected two screens using the d-ports on my docking station in combination with one display using the hdmi port in my laptop. Now, with my new computer, I can either connect two screens via the d-port's on my docking station, but then the hdmi port does not work, and the display says there is no signal coming out of my computer. When I pull the two d-port cords out, the hdmi port starts working automatically. 

- Intel HD Graphics 5500 (same as the old laptop)
- 3x Dell U2415 screens

Is there a way the hdmi port on my laptop can work simultaneously with the d-ports on the docking station while it is docked? (It worked fine on the old one)  

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RE: Connecting 3 displays - 2x displayport & 1x hdmi port

Hi WillyBall,

We hope the link given below helps you to troubleshoot and getting the issue fixed.

Please reply back for any further query.


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