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Connecting two UP2516D monitors to XPS 13 9350


I want to connect the two monitors to the XPS.

I have a D3100 docking station.

When I connected it, one with an HDMI to the dock and the second monitor with a DISPLAY port to the docks,

the graphics doesnt really like it, and the "intel graphics properties" disaapears.

When I connected it with daisy chain, which means connect one monitor to the dock with the Displayport cable, and the second monitor connect the the first monitor, it just duplicates the second monitor, and does not extend the desktop.

should I buy a different dock or is there a way to extend the two screeen while using 2540 resolution.

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RE: Connecting two UP2516D monitors to XPS 13 9350


Welcome to our community.

Please reduce the resolution on the system (XPS) and then try connecting the dock.

Let us know if there is any difference

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