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Connection issues with Inspiron 1546

I need help with inspition 1564 Internet connection issues.

I cannot afford a repair bill, am relying on friends and experimentation for repairs. Now asking for any help that can be offered.  I know my way around a computer bit I am not very computer savvy, please reply in laymans terms. If you have questions about computer, tell me where to find the answers. I am using an iPad for research and will follow any instructions provided.  Here are my problems:

1. Computer does not recognize any available wireless networks.

2. Cannot determine if Internet switch is turned on or off. I trier hit the tower button and tried to connect and then hit the button and tried again with still no results.

3. Recent computer virus required wiping computer clean and starting from scratch, not sure this was evencorrectly done.

4. Had internet two days ago, I attempted to load disk "operating systems" now no connection.

5. Once Internet connection is established I need to reinstall Windows programs (word, excell.....)

Please help,  Steve

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RE: Connection issues with Inspiron 1546

First things first.  Go to support.dell.com and using your service tag, look up the EXACT MODEL wireless card in the system.  DO NOT GUESS.  You need to know which wireless card is in the system and it will be listed once you use the service tag (click on the Original Configuration option).

Once that's in hand, backtrack.

Install the Dell system software for your system FIRST.


Next, You MUST install the chipset driver before you load any other drivers.  Assuming this is Windows 7, that's here:


Then download the correct wireless driver and install that (under Network, here).


That will get you online.

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RE: Connection issues with Inspiron 1546

KVCXI.    Card (circuit), driver, wireless, HMCRD, DW1520,HF    Is this the wireless card?

I loaded both of the disk that came with the computer butCastillo cannot get on line, no Internet connection. What is next?

What is "chip set driver"?

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