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Continuous 8 beeps error (error code 2000 0321 unable to access edid eeprom)

i have dell inspiron n5010 15r laptop.

i am facing this 8 beeps (black screen/no display) problem these days.

pressing D key with Power button did work for me. it runs those color tests and starts normally. runs smooth for a while as there was no problem at all... it can be few hours or 2 days it runs soomthly...

but it crashes again the same way with that blue screen of death...

i was just able to read 'shutting down to prevent damage..' and there was too much..

i ran diagnostics also. by pressing F12 key..

it gave me "error code 2000 0321 unable to access edid eeprom"

what should i do?

if there is some fault with any of these i.e. LCD Cable/ LCD Screen itself/ graphics card or something else, then how come it starts with that D+power button and runs smoothly for a while. no glitches, no color or resolution change.. not a single bad pixel.. nothing... but then suddenly crashes for no reason and starts giving 8 beeps again...

right now i am reporting this issue from my laptop only.

dont know if it would crash again just before/after posting this issue.

please give me exact solution so that i can try it on my own at home only. as i am out of warranty already.

and yes... my laptop's battery is dead. it just gives me 1-2 minutes backup to hibernate.
and i also have 4kb bad sectors on the hard disk (320GB capacity).

would these two can cause 8 beeps problem ?

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RE: Continuous 8 beeps error (error code 2000 0321 unable to access edid eeprom)

The eight beeps are unrelated to the hard drive or battery.

Was the screen in the system replaced at any time?

If so, the new screen is likely incompatible with the system.

If not, the first thing to check is that the screen will pass a built-in self test (hold the D key through powerup - you should see an alternating series of color screens displayed (even with the beeps present).  If you don't, the screen is bad.

If you DO see the built-in self test, the next suspect is the wiring harness that connects the display to the mainboard.  Replace that. 

If that doesn't solve the problem, and the screen tests good - it's the mainboard that's faulty.

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RE: Continuous 8 beeps error (error code 2000 0321 unable to access edid eeprom)

thank you very much EJN63 for reading my post and replying on that ...

no. screen was never replaced. and no other part either.

as i already tried D + power key thing and then i posted the problem. it did work. but was not the final and permanent solution.

then i tried 'F12 key - diagnostics' - gave me LCD error which is already stated in the previous post.

i also tried disassembling, checked and cleaned all connections with spirit and clean soft cloth. assembled it again. dint work. but yeah my laptop is clean from inside now. i removed the dust from fan either. heating issue solved.. 🙂

but i would like to share my further experience regarding the solution on this problem.

i found out something else.. but its not recommended as you don't want to end up melting VGA chip or motherboard itself..

i watched a video on this on the internet and then tried it on my own.

heating up the graphics chip on the Motherboard near the exhaust fan with hot air blow gun ..

by setting up temperature around 200 degrees something in the hot air gun.. keep the distance of 2 inches between chip and the hot air gun and blow hot air on the chip for about one & half minute..

these are the instructions in the video for the blowing hot air part. (after removing processor, fan and cooling tube assembly and CMOS battery from the motherboard.)

but then i did the hot air section for only 15 seconds as i did not want to risk my motherboard.

i found the hot air gun in some local mobile repairing shop. and did the work over there under the owner's guidelines.

it is "HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED" method unless you don't know the risks.

its been two days and my laptop is working fine now. if i wont face 8 beeps again in coming week or something then i would say i am out of danger now. i mean my laptop. 🙂

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